Key Documents on R2P

A repository of: core norm-building documents leading to the endoresement of R2P at the 2005 World Summit; Annual Secretary General Reports on R2P; and United Nations Security Council, General Assembly and Human Rights Council Resolutions with reference to R2P. 


Highlight of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, books and edited volumes by AP R2P Researchers. 

R2P Ideas in Brief:

AP R2P policy briefing series featuring short, crisp policy-relevant analysis of emerging and important issues of R2P concern. 

Global Responsibility to Protect Journal:

Link to past volumes of the GR2P Journal, featuring some of the best and latest research on the R2P principle, co-edited by Centre Director (International) Alex Bellamy, Program Convener Sara Davies and Research Fellow Luke Glanville

In the Media:

A collection of blogs, media commentary, lectures and speeches by AP R2P researchers; and highlights from AP R2P-sponsored events. 


A collection of podcasts from AP R2P events. 

Outreach and Advocacy Documents:

Background 'primer' document on R2P translated into languages of the Asia Pacific including Bahasa Indonesian, Vietnamese and Khmer; and outreach-focused document on the relevance of R2P to the work of government, civil society, media, academic and other sectors. 


Quarterly newsletter featuring an overview of recent Centre activities, events and publications. 

R2P Fund:

Overview and key outcomes of the 14 projects funded by the 2009 Australian R2P Fund.

Spotlight on R2P:

A collection of speeches, news items and highlights from AP R2P researchers.

Past Reports 2008 - 2011:

Access to AP R2P research reports from 2008-2011.


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