The R2P Student Coalition (R2PSC) is an an affiliate organisation of the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (AP R2P) that seeks to advance support for, and promote the effective implementation of, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

The R2PSC has three core pillars: education, advocacy and networking. It seeks to design activities and opportunities in a way that maximises our members' studies, interests and skills. The Coalition hosts guest speakers, educational debates and simulation workshops designed to enrich student knowledge and generate informed and creative dialogue on issues that engage R2P. The Coalition also runs awareness raising and advocacy activities that empower members to make a positive contribution to important and dynamic issues in Australian and international R2P-related policy. In addition, the R2PSC seeks to connect members with other interested students and professionals in fields of interest to R2P including humanitarian work, the justice sector, aid and development, and politics. 
In line with the three core pillars of the R2PSC – advocacy, education and networking – the Coalition has run educational events such as ‘mock’ Security Council negotiations on the crises in Syria and Sudan; a crisis negotiation simulation on the Democratic Republic of the Congo; film screenings marking the anniversaries of the Armenian and Rwandan genocides and a panel discussion on the ethics and laws of warfare. The Coalition has run major advocacy campaigns, most recently on the human rights abuses occurring in West Papua, and a campaign to encourage Australia to enact the Cluster Munitions Prohibition Bill. Finally, in terms of networking, the Coalition has run a number of careers events, hosting former interns at both NATO and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Similarly, the Coalition arranged a Q&A session with the Executive Director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect during his visit in early 2012. The Coalition also seeks to provide information to its members about relevant volunteer, internship and job opportunities both in Australia and abroad. The Coalition releases a bi-semesterly newsletter, and uses email and social media to contact its members on a more regular basis.
Whilst being an autonomous student network, the Coalition also seeks to engage with and maintain a strong relationship with the AP R2P. In the past, the Coalition and the Centre have participated in joint initiatives. During a visit by West African diplomats, the Centre ran a training course, whereby the Coalition took part in two joint events: a film screening and discussion, and a crisis simulation on the situation in Syria. The Centre and the Coalition remain closely affiliated, and are always notified of one another’s activities. 
Cote d'Ivoire Crisis Simulation
R2P Student Ambassador Program
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